Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Medved

See that grown ass man laying on the floor? Under his computer desk? He's cuddling a sleeping puppy. Talk about a softy. :P

This little ball of fluff is known as Medved. (pronounced Medva) It's Russian for "Bear." Obviously, Denny picked the name. This is, after all, his dog. He has always wanted a lab, and I promised he could eventually get one - once we got a house. Lo and behold, house = dog.

We were originally going to get a chocolate lab from Denny's co-worker... but yea. The mom ended up killing 5 of the 6 puppies. So much for that. Being the wonderful wife I am, I set out to find a different lab. (he wanted a BLACK one to begin with anyway) I found this little gal in Henefer.

Sophie is also a big fan of the puppy. She's two, she's a big fan of any small animal.

I suppose she isn't too much of a pain. Especially since Denny adores her and will be doing the things I hate. (i.e. taking out the dog, cleaning up the mess, dealing with the annoying whines at 3 am)

The above picture was taken once we arrived at the vet's today. Adorable no?

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Tasha said...

That last picture would almost make it worth it to have a lab! I wish my dog would play with my girls, then I wouldn't have to give her away!