Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Clothes

With us planning to cloth diaper again, a lot of baby clothes are useless. Onesies are a pain. I plan to cut the bottom off all of our onesies to make them into tshirts. Normal cotton pants aren't all too awesome either, they absorb.

Not that we expect anyone to buy us baby clothes in bulk or anything, but assuming someone (probably the grandmas) get super excited and go shopping - I figured I'd share this info.

Tshirts, oodles of them! Especially ones that snap on the side or are long sleeved. Gerber makes them, I found a few online at target or walmart, but they are a pain to find. Carters also makes them. (Carters is totally awesome)

BabyLegs, little baby leg warmers. These are nice, since I won't have to pull pants down to change a diaper. Or even knee high socks that I can cut/sew to make my own.

Fleece/polyester pj sets. Fleece is water resistant, so that is ideal for cloth diapered babies. Footie pjs are often made from the right kind of fabric. Or just some fleece. I am making our own little pants for the baby.

Assuming you find something adorable otherwise, I have no problem altering it. IE something like this nerd shirt, which Denny approves of. (just not yellow, our skin looks horrible in yellow)

I take whatever I can get with a smile. After all, free is free right. :D

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Anonymous said...

If you look at the sale racks at Target they often have little baby legs for really cheap (I got Dea a pair for like 2 dollars recently).

Also, Dea was a Star Trek Captain (and Curtis and I were first officers) last Halloween. I made the costumes. :-P