Monday, August 30, 2010

This and That

Several bits and pieces of news.

1 - Baby is definitely a girl. She's growing well and developing a week ahead of my due date. (so she is about where my original due date was) I'll expect her between Jan 7 and Jan 14th. (no we don't have a name, we are slackers - deal with it)

2 - I've made it half way. I hit 20 weeks last Friday.

3 - Our loan was approved, our yard is being fenced in, and the annoying chip in our window is being replaced. Aside from the seller being an ass, the house buying is moving along.

4 - Sophie is completely potty learned. We very rarely have accidents, and haven't touched a diaper in weeks (even at night). My baby girl is so big. :(

5 - I've decided on Christmas gifts. Ladies -brown sugar body scrubs. Men - hot packs and/or wrist supports. Now to just make them all in bulk.

6 - We got to spend Saturday at Ikea. Tina was nice enough to come play babysitter (toddler chaser), so that we could actually focus on shopping. We got lots of goodies for the new house. :) A good 6 hours well spent.

7 - I'm playing with ideas for Halloween costumes, they shall soon be unveiled.

8 - It must be said, my boobs are super awesome. Pregnancy/nursing is the only time I actually get boobs - I enjoy it.

9 - I have the urge for tamales, I plan to make a giant batch once we are in the house. Those things last me weeks. :) If I love you... I might spare some. Give me like $10 for the ridiculous amount of meat and spices that I'll need, and I'll reserve some for ya. :P

10 - I procrastinate. I have maybe 10-15 boxes packed.... and that's it. Someone will have to come play babysitter so I can get the rest of our things ready to go. 9 days until closing!

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Miss Angie said...

Holy cow, I'd buy tamales off ya. Haha!

I was at IKEA too, I wish I'd seen you guys I'd have said hello.