Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Denny often sends me little comics or pictures throughout the day. Since his job requires him to sit at a computer all day, he often has time to browse the web for ridiculous things.

Today's Favorite

This is often times how I decide what to eat. This pregnancy is a whole new world to me, I can eat food, and NOT throw it up 5 minutes later. With Sophie I threw up for at least 5 months solid, probably closer to 6 ot 7. It was horrible. I partly blame it on my pre-natal care. I got NOTHING but "oh it'll be ok" from everyone. I quite literally hated the world.

With this baby I had one week of feeling awful, then started taking Unisom at night. This magical little pill keeps me from feeling nauseated. I can (and do) eat EVERYTHING now! Denny has mentioned several times that he'll often turn around and find me with a pickle (or two... or three) in hand.

Whenever I see a commercial for yummy food, or it is even just mentioned in conversation, I instantly want it. Denny has done nothing but fule my insane food urges from day one. Plus, I think he just likes that I actually WANT all the yummy food 24/7; when I go get food, he often gets it too. :D

The best part, I'm still in the middle range for weight gained... I CAN EAT MORE! Sure, I can't wear anything without elastic in the waist... my shorts won't even go up over my butt anymore - but we'll worry about that in about 5 months.

Side Note : Midwife appointment is at 1:45 today. If we find out the sex (and I have your number), I'll send out a massive text. If not, you'll all just have to wait until the next appointment.

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