Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sophie Language

Often times the parents are the only ones who can understand a toddler. Even though Sophie speaks very well, she still says silly words. Here are a few off the top of my head.

Me - Mommy, Mom
Denny - Daddy, Denny (she calls him Denny because that is what I call him when I get angry with him :P)
Achilles - kill-ee
My dad - Papa
My mom - buela , ga-ma
Isaak - I-dac
My grandma - buela
My grandma - boy
Oreo - o-ro
Quimby - kimby

Denny's mom - ga-ma, ga-ma tina
Melissa - lissy
Aspen - apen

The Incredibles - crebles
Ponyo - conro
SpongeBob - bu-bob
Squidward - qui-ward
Patrick - pak-rick
Gary - gury
Plankton - plantin
Mr Crabbs - meester crabs
Dora - dra
Wubbzy - wuzzy
Walden - waden
Widget - wigit

mermaid - mee-mer
macaroni - roni
snuggle - nuggles
tv- tb
movies - moobies
river - ribber

excuse me - cuze me
thank you - tank you
please - peas
maybe not - baby not
oh snap - oh nap
I'm so excited - so cited
(leroy jenkins style) Let's do this! - do dis!
here you go - here go
perfect - perpect


Tasha said...

Someday you're going to look back on this post and be so glad you wrote them all down. We watch videos now of Melody when she was just starting to talk and can't believe how much we've forgotten! So glad we've done so many silly videos!

Miss Angie said...

She was soooooo adorable the other day with her "Oooooh, baby so cute!" You have a cute cute kid!