Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was big for me, in the crafty sense. Not only did I sew my first AI2 diaper, but it was my first time working with PUL, my first time working with snaps, my first time making a "one size" diaper, and my first time using knit fabric on a diaper.

As you can imagine, all the new things at once drove me insane... BUT I PREVAILED!


The fabric is green with little lady bugs running around on it. Now the pattern wasn't mine, but I didn't feel like cutting the PUL differently. I got 5 diaper cut outs from a lady on CafeMom and they were already cut into her diaper pattern. Little did I know... the diaper would be HUGE! I'm totally not joking... I couldn't probably fit into it.

Here it is on the smallest settings. "newborn" HA! It is probably closer to a Medium.
Oh well, live and learn. I'll just have to cut the other 4 pieces a good deal smaller. I love it, and it will fit Sophie, so that is all that really matters.

Good day.


talyzman said...

one of the things I got so frustrated was learning to sew a zipper same as do the button holes but just remember one thing when come to sewing... when you get to tired and stress out, give yourself a brake put the project down and go do something else then come back relax and ready to as you said it, to "Prevail" :-P

Tasha said...

It turned out fantastic! You're a brave brave woman to take on that many new things at once! I tend to swear a lot at my machine when it's not doing what I want it to :)