Friday, April 23, 2010

TTC with a Nerd

Last night on CafeMom a friend of mine posted a picture of her positive pregnancy test. Then all the girls started throwing out ideas of how she could tell her husband. They've been waiting to get pregnant for a year and a half. She ended up sewing a newborn cloth diaper, and asking her husband to put snaps on it. She stuffed the test inside so that he would see it when he picked up the diaper.

While I was super happy for her, I secretly hate everyone who is getting pregnant. Not because I'm evil, but because we are now going on 9 months with no baby. This month I cracked down and became the Sex Nazi (tmi? tough nuts, get over it). Next month if we still aren't, I'll be buying OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) as well as charting more. Trying to conceive sucks ass!

Anyway, onto the reason for the post. I was messaging Denny on google talk this morning.

Me: DAMNIT! I wanna baby! A lady in my cloth group got her positive last night.

Denny: Are you an aspiring pokemon trainer?


: That's pretty much what happened in the pokemon games. :P

: Confused sir, I don't speak the pokemon nerd!

: Ash wanted a pokemon. And then his friend got one. So he wanted one super bad. But then he basically nagged Professor Oak to get one until he got one. And then his friend had to
come back and get ANOTHER pokemon.

: Did you just compare me to Ash Catchem or whatever his name is?

: Perhaps I did :D

: sigh


Myya said...

Boys just don't get it! Hope you get your positive soon. I bet little Miss Sophie will love being a big sister!

Miss Angie said...

It'll happen, you'll get Lexi a baby brother/sister! I just know it! Stay positive, will it to happen... Pray for it. But don't stress yourself out over it, or it'll be harder on you.

Oh, and pokemon references? Though with Denny I shouldn't be surprised.

Phreggs said...

Pokemon is the shit.
@Myya - We get it, we just poke fun at it ;)

The BedPost said...

TTC sucks!! Justin and I are going on 16 months. Grr! Charting and using opk is actually very helpful though, it is nice to feel like you can actually control something! Sending you lots of virtual baby dust!!