Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Showing Off My Diaper

Instead of waking Sophie up from her nap, I let the girl sleep. The moment she woke up I changed her into the diaper. Despite it's largeness, it fits her pretty well if I snap it down a setting.
I snapped a few pictures of her while she ate some apples and watched toonies.
Then I fixed the settings on the diaper, and she wanted a photo shoot.
Don't you love that grin? :) Her eyes were green today.
She wanted "more picture Sophie Mommy".
Look at me- no makeup, didn't shower, unplucked eyebrows, no bra, my roots are in desperate need of dying... I could pass for a hippie. :P
She put her blanket over her horse, then rode it.

Just felt like showing off my diaper some more :) Carry on.


talyzman said...

well done!!!!! keep on learning, heave fun and enjoy :-)

Tasha said...

It fits her so well! I can't believe how big she is!! I see Katie growing every day so it makes sense that she's getting big, but every time I see a pic of Sophie I'm blown away by how much she's grown up! Our babies are losing their baby-ness :`(

Lexi said...

*sigh* damn growing up! i wish they stayed tiny...

i do the same thing with Katie and Melody. They all grow like weeds!