Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Birthday :)

Sunday marked my 20th birthday. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and Isaak joined us. When we returned to my dad's house, he had a cake ready for eating. Denny even kept his annoyance to a minimum for the day.

Here they were singing to me, Sophie got shy and tried to hide under my hand.

She helped me blow out the candle.


Loves from Papa.

And from Mama.

Waiting for cake.

Mama giggling when she noticed that Denny was taking pictures of her eating.

I'd like to think that I've grown as a person since my last birthday.
I am stronger emotionally.
I am more sure of myself.
I don't rely on other to make me happy.
I've thrown myself into the world of the crafty.
I've read my Twilight Saga a good 4 times now.
I am becoming more comfortable with my body. (notice no "helper" bra was worn, just what God gave me - or rather forgot to give me)
I attempt to cook.
I try to branch out and try new things.
I take Sophie to church more often.
I don't feel the need to please people.

I am me, and if you don't like it - go suck and egg. :D

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts and birthday wishes.


talyzman said...

20 years, can you believe it???
First of all.. I am sorry for not been there just remember how much i do love you.
then I am sure dad did bake that cake with all his love too, and I am so happy papa and mama are there with all of you guys too.
I am so happy to see you are turning to a such a great person that you are doing your best to move on and doing better everyday.
Always remember to be YOU no what other wants you to be just remember Heavenly Father in all your doing and consultant Him always and you will do great.
I am so proud of you Alexis, you are such beatiful soul and thanks for always been there for our family. Remember you are so beautiful and dont let anyone tell you different!

Tasha said...

You're such a great person and it's been so fun watching you grow up! You've always been this loving and good natured person. I'm so lucky to call you my sister! Happy birthday!!