Monday, April 12, 2010


Due to our lack of a washing machine/dryer, our weekends are often spent at my dad's. I spend the day doing laundry, Denny and Isaak get in some quality nerd time, and Sophie runs from person to person.

This Saturday, Papa was her favorite. She followed him all around the yard.

She collected rocks from his "garden."

She cuddled Oreo.

Her and Papa examined the tree in the backyard.

It was such a pretty day, I just had to follow them around with my camera.

Eventually she found her way to the front yard, as always. Armed with her little shovel, she buried her rock.


Tasha said...

So cute! Her hair is getting so long and pretty!

Lexi said...

I KNOW I LOVE IT! It is all curly too :)

talyzman said...

your dad looks all handsome and good enought to eat :-)
I am sure Sophie loves the outdoors and the weather its getting warmer for all of you guys to enjoy.