Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yay # 2

Yesterday, on the way home, Denny and I were talking in the car. The following conversation took place.

Lexi: You know if anything ever happens to you, I think I'll become an escort.
Denny: Why?
Lexi: I would get money for old loser men to take me out on dates!
Denny: Would you be one of those who charges $200 for a date, and $2,000 for sex?
Lexi: Yea! My sex is totally worth $2,000.
Denny: You know you can get arrested for that? Its prostitution.
Lexi: Well I'm not gonna sex EVERYONE, just the hot ones.
Denny: Why don't you just be a model?
Lexi: Well I can't be a model.
Denny: Yes you can. Why not?
Lexi: I'll tell you inside.

We walk inside an I point to the fridge, and told him that no one wants a big preggo lady for a model.

He lit up instantly. Last month, he announced that he was finally ready for a baby; but with our 'issues,' I didn't really want to risk bringing another life into this world. I canceled my appointment, and we went on with life. Yesterday I made my appointment again, and we are excited as ever.

So prepare for mini Denny and Lexi number 2!

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Tasha said...

I totally wondered what that facebook pic was about! YAY! I'm so excited for you guys, two is SO much fun!