Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Crap

A few weeks back, we decided to commandeer Sophie's room, and use it for our own hobbies. The main reason for this, was that Denny wanted a safe location for his Legos, where little hands could not attack them. I got this idea from my awesome sister-in-law. Here are pictures of all our crap! :)
Nerd station #1. (that is totally my piano bench he uses for his mouse) Much time is spent here.
Nerd station #2. Lego Land!
Those are all FULL of Legos.
Awesome area :) aka- my craft table
From left to right. White hamper full of clothes to use for other random projects, little storage bins full of scrapbooking stuff, tall white storage full of scrapbooking & sewing stuff, but ol' bag of fabrics!
Wire wracks covered in random projects. (those cute drapes... yea, I MADE THOSE!)
Under me craft table, bug bin of scrapbooking papers, albums, and such. Smaller storage things on top, full of stickers and embellishments.
More fabric.
And even more fabric, stuffed into that gray storage bin. All that fabric was given to me off Free Cycle.... YAY FREE CYCLE!
And yes... even though I have an entire room to stuff my things into... stuff still clutters my kitchen table.


Tasha said...

good heavens where did you put all that before you took over Sophie's room? I love that Denny took over your piano bench for his own! I ALWAYS had fabric draped over the piano or the stand so Jared could never get to it. I had just ironed it and wasn't doing it again :P Good thing I married a patient man!

Phreggs said...

Its for a piano that has been traded to Taly... :P

Previously all the lego stuff was in our bedroom, and Lexi's craft stuff was in the corner of our "Dining Area" - Needless to say things were more than cramped.

vilatesniftynook said...

that has got to be nice to have that space! Good luck on keeping it though as she gets older! :)