Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sophie has been teething since we went camping at Pineview. 4 little teeth have made our lives hell, but alas, THEY HAVE ALL POPPED THROUGH! Huzzah! I will finally get my happy little toddler back, instead of this devil child I've had to deal with. I'm so happy I could cry. I'll finally get to sleep again. YAY!

Just thought I'd share :)


Tasha said...

Booo! Katie's are still just swollen. They're just barely poking through!

Lexi said...

Haha hers are just poking out too but at least they are finally through

talyzman said...

I am so happy too! I saw with my two little eyes that the worms will eat :-P how bad Sophie felt.... She wasn’t happy at all and I felt sorry for Alexis at the same time I did think maybe there is something else wrong with Sophie! BUT she is happy now.