Friday, September 4, 2009

Tree House Museum

Mariza is a childhood friend. Our mom's were good friends when they were in Mexico, so naturally they threw us together as kids. We decided to take the kids to the Tree House Museum in Ogden yesterday.
The kids absoloutly LOVED IT! (we thought it was pretty freakin awesome too) Here they are banging on the walls in the music room.
My tiny little baby doctor. Perfect way to hold a baby ya?
Mariza and I constructed the arch. We were pretty proud of ourselves.
Sophie and Jayden held hands the entire time. It was just adorable! Sophie started calling her 'day den'. :)
Little fire fighters.
Coloring in the little school house.
Cutest cowgirls ever! We had to pretty much rip them off. Even then, Sophie refused to leave the hat. She wore it all over the museum until we left.
Hanging in China. Ethan decided to eat my finger right as Mariza took the picture, it made me laugh.
Awesome feather necklace I made in Africa. There are oodles more pictures (around 100 or so .... I like pictures) There are also 4 videos, I'll link here.

The Music Room
The Block Room
The School house

The pictures are are all here - Tree House Museum Album

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