Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I just finished these super cute letters. If you want to see how to make them, go to my other blog - Craft Happy Mommy.

Thanks to my wonderful Grandma & Grandpa Meakin, I got $50 to spend to my hearts desire. Grandma loves to support my sewing, so she buys cloth diapers from me, and gives them out to family members who are expecting.

Yay grandma! :)


Tasha said...

I think my front door is in need of these! When Jared gets mad about what I'm spending on craft stuff I'm sending him your way cause it's all your fault!

Colletti Family said...

Those are way cute! I still need to order Jaxson's name in block letters and one of those taggie blankies, he loves tags!