Monday, September 14, 2009

Duckie Park & Daddy

Here we have a lovely picture of Sophie stuffing her face with the bread meant for the duckies. Normally Sophie and I go to the park on our own, because either Denny is working, or we leave him at home to have 'daddy time.'
This time he went with us. :) Nom Nom Nom. That shirt he is wearing, is referred to as his 'hobo' shirt. He is almost NEVER allowed to wear it out of the house; but it was the weekend.
Sophie was rather angry when we decided to leave the park. Dad thought it was funny, so I captured his cruelness in a picture.
Best way to parent ever! :D She was pissed.
After the park, we went to DQ. Sophie decorated the table with salt and pepper. Such was our family outing.

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