Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Snap! :P

Anyone who knows my husband and I, know that we don't put up with people's shit - including family. I also do not take well to being told what I can and cannot write on my own blog. The last blog was going to be all I said on the matter, until I got this email from my oh so wonderful mother in law :

"Oh love the blurb by the way there. I have no idea what is going on with you two, but considering all things at this point…please do not publically post family matters which is so very childish and refrain from speaking to me until which time you both grow up and act like adults and not two year olds and give me the respect I have earned and deserve."

One- 'publicly' is wrong. Two - don't tell me what to do. Three - grow the hell up. Four - you haven't earned shit. Five - I couldn't be happier not speaking to you.

A little background on the subject:
Denny and I were having a rough time about two weeks back. I decided that it might be best for Sophie and I to stay with my dad for a few days. Tina found out, and decided to take it upon herself to kidnap my husband and daughter. The woman showed up at my apartment at 11:30 pm demanding that Denny open the door and go to her house. He told her he wasn't going anywhere and Sophie was already asleep. The crazy person then said to bring Sophie too. She had no carseat, and she is just nucking futs if she thinks she was going to drive with my child to her apartment at all, let alone without a carseat.

I said nothing to her. I was at a girlfriends, but had I been there, I would have called the cops. Then the more recent of her lovely actions was calling Denny's grandma and asking her to give us money, to make up for Denny missing a week and a half of work to go out and visit. We would never take that much money from Grandma Horton, especially when she needs it to pay for her husbands cancer treatment. Tina then threw a shit fit saying WE were the ones being selfish... totally makes sense right? I mean we are the ones taking an old ladies money. :P

Then today Tina informed Denny that "him and his wife have crossed the line"... OH SNAP! Like we care. She always has, and always will lie to get her way. She told Grandma Horton that we wanted the money, she told us that grandma WANTED us to go out there. We called grandma and she said she completely understood.

On top of all that, she said she 'wanted her things back.' Like we are some high schooler's breaking up. When Denny told me that, I just started laughing. Her crap is piled outside our door. I think this whole ordeal is just hilarious.

So lets recap. The woman tried to take my child, thinks we are selfish for not wanting to take an old lady's money, and SHE wants an apology. Me thinks someone needs more medication.

On a less silly note - Things are grand with us. We have loved spending time with my mother, and sadly she leaves tomorrow. Sophie is still teething, but in a slightly better mood. My mom bought Sophie a little play kitchen, and she loves it. I'll post some pictures of my mom's visit later tonight. :)


Lexi said...

just fyi for everyone, Tina announced last night that I am 'no longer a member of her family' ... so technically this isn't a 'family matter' therefor... not against her 'rules' of posting. :)

Mary said...

good for you for standing up for yourself! Sorry for the Mamma drama though!