Monday, September 7, 2009

Really people, really?

The following conversation just took place:

Lexi: Do you want to go see your grandpa?
Denny: We don't have the money.
Lexi: Well if we HAVE to, we can ask your grandma to borrow some.
Denny: Funny thing about her, she was like the only one who didn't say anything about me marrying you.
Lexi: Excuse me?
Denny: ...Never... mind...

I then forced the information out of him. Apparently everyone he knows had something to say about marrying the little Mexican girl he knocked up. I told him I wanted names and numbers. After the first 10 people he just said it might be easier to tell me who actually WAS happy about us getting married.

Alex, David, Aunt Anita, Grandma Horton, John, and Steve were the only people who were generally happy about our engagement.

All the rest of you can suck an egg!

And just for clarification, not ONE of my family members or friends told me not to marry him. My family and friends loved him and accepted him. You jerks.

If you plan on giving him crap, I'll kick your ass. You should have kept your mouth shut the first time - when you found out he was getting married to awesome me.

So go ahead and try to complain to him or say something negative about me, just like you did when we got engaged. I'll take you all down!


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Tasha said...

He's the one that got the better deal, so they should be jelous! Don't worry about it too much, until the day we got married grandma kept telling people that I wasn't good for Jared. Guess I showed her huh!