Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Grandma Taly bought Sophie a pumpkin during her last visit. Sophie was super interested while Denny carved it, but then the grumpy set in - leading to the above face.

Little Princess Peach ready to Trick or Treat at Denny's work.

She is indeed wearing Converse under her dress.

She was super tired after our long search for candy. Apparently only about 1/4 of the houses here actually participate in Halloween. Next year I think I'll just take her back down to Riverdale for Trick or Treating.

She did make a random friend within 5 minutes. Her and another little girl held hands and ran around to houses for a good hour or so.

Denny was Mario. I totally made all the costumes this year, because I'm awesome. I need to take a picture of mine still. I was a Boo. :)

In case you are lost, we were all characters from Mario. If you don't know what that is - you are retarded.

A few houses down, a neighbor of ours had a little bonfire out to warm up the Trick or Treaters. The instant Denny saw it, he expressed the want to start a family tradition.... guess what it was.

Drenching our pumpkin in gas and setting it a flame. Both him and Sophie were ridiculously happy when I finally gave in.


talyzman said...

So nice!
I have a very talented daughter :-P
Just like her mum.

Myya said...

The costumes are great! Sophie is a doll.