Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farewell Fall

These were all taken about 2 weeks back... when there was a little spurt of nice warm weather. To bid fall farewell, we decided to take a trip to the park.

She was totally the coolest looking kid there. Blue stripe leg warmers. Pink flower sunglasses. Cupcake shirt. One Fish Two Fish shoes.

Her faithful giraffe and pink backpack even sat on the grass while she played.

Then we came home and waited outside for daddy.

I hate that Hannah Montana is on there.... but it's pink and it lights up, so she wanted it. For $2, how could I say no? Yay, Kid to Kid.

Goodbye warm sun. You will be missed.


talyzman said...

wow, Sophie looks so grown up and so pretty!
for sure she is going to be a really sweet big sister just like Mellie to Katie.
just the way you are with Isaak.
Once again i will tell you guys.... keep taking photos of my grandbabies because they are growing up so fast and i want/NEED to see that!

Tasha said...

Can you believe how grown up our girls are getting!? It makes me so sad! At least you have another one to make up for losing all that baby-ness!