Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let It Snow

What with the blizzard going on outside (literally), I figured it would be a perfect time to post the "first snow" pictures.

Over the weekend, the first snow of the year came. I hated it. Sophie and Denny couldn't have been happier. Right after breakfast, they both headed out to play in it.

You'll want to click the pictures to enlarge them.

I got this right before she threw a snowball at my poor camera.

*BOOM* Headshot.

Getting snowballs from dad. Those gloves were a bit too small, so she couldn't quite make the snowballs on her own.

Showing off their snowballs.


1 comment:

talyzman said...

it looks fun!!!
we got 58 inches of the white stuff, and right now its -4... -14 with the wind factor :-(

so, its winter time!!!!
feelin blue?