Monday, November 8, 2010

The Diseased

I hate sick people. Simple as that.

To specify, I hate people who:
  • know they/their family are sick
  • continue to go out and about
  • "forget" to mention to others that they are sick
  • cough/sneeze all over the place
Winter is full of these people. (just another reason I hate winter) So just to let everyone know... if you come over/invite us over/go out with us and you are any of the above - I'll totally kick you out/leave.

Am I mean? Sure. I'd rather be mean than deal with a sick toddler while being sick myself.

Even worse than the non-parents who do this, are the ones who actually have kids of their own. If your child is dripping from any orifice, leave them at home. I assumed this was common sense, I've been proven wrong on multiple occasions.

The handful of times that Sophie has actually gotten sick, was because someone simply didn't mention that they/their kid was sick... then said person infected her. Then when I went to inform that person that Sophie had become sick, so they may have been exposed, it comes out. "Oh ya, so-and-so has had a cold the past week." Really.... REALLY?

End rant.


Myya said...

HUGE pet peeve of mine too. Some people can be SOOOOO inconsiderate!

Missy Schranz said...

I am a new follower of your blog. It is very cute! When you have a moment, please come to my spot of cyberspace. I'd love the company. :0)

God bless!