Sunday, November 14, 2010

Instant Gratification

See that t-shirt?

Most amazing thing in the world! (to her)

Since going to the zoo, Sophie loves giraffes. She brought home a fuzzy pink giraffe that day, and insists on taking it everywhere we go. Pink has also been her favorite color for the past while.

When I asked Sophie what kind of cake she would like for her birthday, she responded "PINK GIRAFFE!"

Back to the shirt.

Yesterday, I dragged both Sophie and Denny to JoAnns. Sophie picked out a little bottle of sparkly pink fabric paint.

When we got home, I pulled out her birthday shirt. (I didn't plan to stencil it until her birthday, but hey, one less thing to do.) I let her pick out a giraffe silhouette online, then I sketched it out.

Sophie did the actual painting, which she loved. 4 hours later, the shirt had dried! The moment I gave her the "ok," Sophie ripped off her shirt and demanded the new one.

Toddlers make life so much more rewarding. Often times, before I even finish a project/craft, Sophie exclaims how much she loves it. She is my biggest fan, and I love it.

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Myya said...

Adorable shirt & what a little cutie inside it!