Friday, November 19, 2010

Growing Up

Last night...

*brace yourself*

Sophie slept in her own bed, all night long. No fuss at all.

This is a big deal for us, because we've always co-slept to some extent. When you nurse (like we did), it is just ridiculous to get up a billion times a night, walk to another room, nurse the baby, and crawl back to your bed. I'm not so gifted in the sleep-deprived-walking area, I often ran into things. It just wasn't safe.

She slept in our bed more often than not. Since we stopped nursing (18 months), she's been in our bed all night, every night.

I love the co-sleeping. I love the snuggles. I love waking up, seeing her bright eyes two inches away from my face, and hearing "mom.... it's morning." But alas... we need to make room for #2. I've been really iffy about moving Sophie to her own bed, because I don't want her to feel like she's being kicked out for the new kid. Last night I took the dive.

(I say "I" took the dive, because Denny has learned to just go with the flow. If I'm not ready to do something like: stop nursing, move Sophie to her own bed, or her own room, or let other people watch her... it ain't gonna happen. It's easier just to agree with me than try to reason with a hysterical Mexican woman.)

I dragged her bed into our room, and set it at the foot of ours. She seemed excited enough, and fell asleep at a normal time for her. Even though she was a bit restless most of the night, she stayed asleep in her bed.

I, however, couldn't sleep at all. It was probably worse for me than it was for her. I was half tempted to crawl into the tiny toddler bed with her. I felt like a crack addict going through withdrawals. Strange? ....maybe. I'm a Hispanic mother, and we are passionate about our children, damnit!

Once Denny left for work, she woke up and asked if she could come lay with me. I snatched her up and we snuggled for a good two hours.

Last night, while tucking her in, I promised her a special present if she could sleep in her bed all night. This morning she requested a bracelet.

She replaced sleeping next to mommy.... for a bracelet. The sell out.

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Tasha said...

letting them grow up is hard, but I think having two babies in the bed would be tricky!