Thursday, November 11, 2010


This would be a portion of the diapers awaiting baby girl. (hiding elsewhere are the prefolds, flats, wipes, covers, inserts, liners, and all the bigger diapers) I started sewing her stash, bit by bit, back in May.

In her stash are several flat wraps.

A few pocket diapers. The inside of these is so insanely soft... I heart them.

A few with umbilical cord snap downs.

And the lovely diapers that I've gotten in my monthly swaps.

A nerd diaper specifically for Denny.

And oodles of prefolds.

All in all this is what I have for her.
(keep in mind these are only newborn size, I have a buttload of others)
  • 12 covers
  • 49 diapers
  • 33 inserts for the diapers
  • 62 prefold/flat diapers

Dare I say, we are well prepared. :)
That totally won't stop me from making even more...

1 comment:

Tasha said...

You're a mad woman! You must be stopped! But if you really just can't you can send some of those my way I'm sure we can create a baby to use them lol!