Friday, July 23, 2010

Special Bonds

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When I was pregnant, I knew I would nurse. Sure I could formula feed if I felt like it, but that wasn't the "norm" for me. I grew up with my mom's family, who were both Hispanic and always had babies. Everyone nursed, it just made sense. Why waste the time filling a bottle with warm water, measuring the formula, and shaking it up? It takes 2 seconds to plop out a boob.

As a pregnant mom, I did a lot of reading. Of course I knew that "breast was best." Sure, formulas could put all kinds of things in their cans, but they would never reach the awesomeness of mommy milk. I collected the free sample cans for two reasons, one the cheap in me wouldn't let me throw them out, and two just in case.

After our pain in the butt introduction to nursing, it was easy for us. It was better than easy, it was wonderful. There was a special something there, that only her and I would share. We had time to just connect.

She ate like a piranha most of the time, but bed/nap time nursing was my favorite. There was no rush, and no one to bother us. We would snuggle together, she'd play with my fingers, my hair, my face, whatever was in reach. Eventually the "milk drunk" effect would take over, and her mouth would pop off leaving that little O.

We nursed for 18 months, and that 18 months was delightful. I "tried" to wean once at 6 months, then at a year, but it was mostly from pressure. Pressure of what the world wanted, once I finally decided "screw the world," I pretty much let her wean on her own.

18 months was good for us, and it was important to me that I not take it from her too early. She was always a mommy's girl, and she needed that special bond. That time where I was hers and hers alone. Even at the very end, when we only nursed once a night to put her to bed - it was still our time. I miss that. :(

I plan to nurse just as long as the 2nd baby needs as well. Not only does it help out financially, but have you tasted that formula stuff? I did just out of curiosity, because I'm weird like that, and BOY is that stuff nasty. We did try a few bottles at the beginning of her life, with both formula and pumped milk (she quickly found out that boob was better and refused the bottles), and it just wasn't the same. There wasn't that special click. Anyone could feed her a bottle, it wasn't something special that only I could do for her.

Sure it can be harder for some women, but I believe in will power. If you want to do something, really WANT to, you will be able to. I wanted to nurse my baby, and we did it. I wanted to rise above stereotypes and be a good "teen mom", and I did it. My husband and I want to give our daughter the world, and even though we aren't blessed in the money department, we find a way to give her everything she needs and more.

That bond is important, even if it only lasts 3 months or so. Props to women who actually give it an honest try. I wouldn't give up those special moments for anything. Breastfeeding was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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