Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picking a Game Plan

The moment I saw that little pink line, I started stressing about the birth. Would we get medicaid? How would we pay for the hospital stay? Who would watch Sophie? What if something went wrong? Blah blah blah.

I like to be prepared, I like to know what is going to happen, and when it will happen. This makes it impossible for me to be friends with those kind of people that just randomly expect you to drop your plans for them. It also drives me insane to try to plan family outings, because family likes to do their own thing. So I plan what I can, and adjust when things ruin my plans.

Here is my "everything goes perfect" plan -

I go into labor at night/early in the morning. We get to the hospital and set everything up, while a family member bunks down here at the apartment while Sophie sleeps. Denny goes back to get Sophie (or the person watching her brings her up). Assuming I'm not in labor all freakin day, Sophie can stay and play in the room. If not, we'll have someone take her out to have a fun day.

I'll have the nurses block the entrance to my room. I explained to Denny that it is my vagina, and I want an intimate birth this time around. Granted everyone on the floor saw my vajay last time (thanks to my hemorrhage), I'd like it to be us as a team. He can't disagree, because I'd just have the nurses kick him out too. :P

Once the baby is born, the very first person in the room will be Sophie. No ifs ands or buts. Then grandparents, family, and whoever else might be there. (I also don't want a circus there.) After that I'm kicking everyone out so we can spend time together as a family. Don't like it, tough nuts. Count your blessings because I first planned on not calling anyone until baby was born, but I figured if people want to wait in the waiting room, so be it.

Visitors can come in the evening, and Denny can take Sophie home for the night. 1 those fold out beds are too small for him, and 2 I want Sophie to have a parent with her. Hopefully I only have to spend 24 hrs in the hospital, if not - Denny will spend the day with Sophie.

You've all been forewarned, I love visitors and babies as much as the next person, but I will have our time as a family first.

So says the mean pregnant lady.


Tasha said...

Why does this seem to read like a warning? lol! One thing I've learned from two births is nothing ever goes as plans, but it definitely is good to have one. I think the next time around, since we no longer have insurance and don't plan on having it again for a while, we're going the midwife route. Being stuck in a hospital bed with a needle in my back only made me hysterical and the epidural didn't work anyway! I'm sure you heard me freaking out clear out in the hall! I'm thinking a more natural birth process will be a nice change of pace. Word to the wise, be prepared for anything to happen!

Lexi said...

lol because i can't stand how people just show up unannounced, drives me mad.

i was actually thinking about getting a midwife instead this time around, but i had no idea how to really go about that. and being oh 15 weeks, i dunno if i could find one. maybe i'll look into it again