Thursday, July 29, 2010

Needs Vs. Wants

Since I am no longer blinded by my need for newborn diapers, I've been able to think of other things I should get for the baby.

Sophie was "high maintenance." She never really had great sleep, and soon got used to nursing to sleep. I read all over the internet "DO NOT LET BABY NURSE TO SLEEP," you are supposed to pop them off when they are tired and let them fall asleep. Yea.... right. Not such a lovely concept at 3 in the morning when you've only been able to sleep for 2 hrs at time all week.

I can't remember it, but Denny tells me that Sophie hated being swaddled. I honestly don't even recall swaddling her outside of the hospital, then again my brain was often running on 4 hours of sleep those first few months. With the 2nd baby, I want to try out a swaddler. I've looked at some popular blankets online, and they honestly just seem like torture. Who wants every inch of them strapped down? I mean really. Babies may be in a small area, but they can still move in the womb.
Which is why I choose this swaddler, The Woombie. Awesome, no? It is like a spandex cocoon, the baby can still move but remains nice and swaddled. Plus, they have super cute colors. I'll have to order one once we actually know the sex.

Next I definitely want to babywear. I did with Sophie, but not nearly as much as I'm going to with next baby. Sophie ALWAYS wanted to be held as a baby, so most of the time I just did things one handed. This time I'll just wrap the baby to my chest and go to town. My favorite color choices (and most affordable one I've found) come from the Sleepy Wrap.
How cool does that look? Even better... Denny can use it too! Or I can just buy him his own, he has one demand if he is to be strapped to the baby, the wrap must be nerdy. I have yet to find a nerdy wrap. :(

Also, and I am dead serious about this, I want another bed. Not a different bed, just another one to go along with ours. To either stick in Sophie's room, so I can sleep in there with the baby; or to shove against our current bed, and give us one massive bed.
It would be so convenient! That and I just really want one giant bed. :) I also don't want to have to kick Sophie out of our bed, just because another baby is on the way. It seems mean. Denny could care less really, he just wants his bed back. Maybe I'll just see if I can steal my old bed from my dad's house.

Granted I won't need one until the baby is at least sitting up, I still want a double stroller. And not one of those retarded ones, the one where the kids sit one in front of the other. I hate those. I want one where they sit side by side.
Obviously we won't be getting something like this, that is $700. Absurd for us non-rich folk. I'm hoping I can score a nice one at Kid To Kid when the need for one arises.

Our baby monitor went on the fritz last year, so we'll have to get a new one. Our Wal-Mart one did just fine, unless someone was on the same frequency. Then I would hear a baby cry at 3 in the morning, and a mans voice going to comfort the child. Scared the hell out of me the first time. I went into her room prepared to attack a grown man.
I suppose we'll just have to deal with it. Just one more thing that sucks about living in apartments.

Then I'll need all of my diapering stuff. And this list is just assuming it is a girl.

If we have a boy, I have to get bedding, clothes, all that jazz. Curse all of you who have jinxed me by saying the baby will be a boy.


Carisa said...

You could just iron on some nerdy patches to his wrap.... cheap and nerdy!

Tasha said...

No way it's going to be a girl I know these things :D You need to look at the double jogger we got! I did a TON of research before we bought one and I liked this one best because it would encourage me to work out and it was an amazing price for a double. I'll email you the specs so you can check it out. Continue with the posts of what you want and need as we get closer so Jared and I know what we can do! Kiss the baby bump for us!!