Friday, July 23, 2010

Birth Centers

I played with the idea of a midwife when I first got pregnant, but didn't really look into it too much. 1 - we don't have a ton of money to spend, 2 -the pain.

I found that the average cost of midwife + birth center here is about $3,000. Not as much as doctors cost, but then again insurance helps with the doctors. Not to mention when you are lucky enough to get medicaid, you don't pay squat. Sadly, since there are no licensed birth centers in Utah, Medicaid won't cover a delivery at a birth center.

The birth center is what really appealed to me.
Being in control of my birth
Not being tied down to a bed
Eating, drinking, or showering during labor
Going home 4 to 8 hours after birth

It's just my luck that the one freakin licensed place like this would close down the year I get pregnant again. *harrumph* Of course there are still other birth centers around, but nothing insurance will cover.

I first fell in love with BetterBirth. Who wouldn't want to have a baby here? It is like going to a nice hotel to have a baby. Props to the ladies to just skip this step and have the baby at home, it just isn't something I'm comfortable with. A birth center seemed like a nice half way point.

Once I realized it would cost $2,600 ($1,400 if I went the cheap way) I was slightly depressed. Being poor isn't fun, and curse anyone who just has that much money lying around. If I really wanted to go there, we'd have to take out a loan. :( Being the responsible adult I am Feeling guilty about making Denny find that much money, I didn't even bother contacting the place.

I started looking at other centers/midwives and all the prices were pretty close to the same. Denny said the next child we could plan to have in a birth center, but I don't plan to have another until I at least get Sophie and/or the 2nd in school.

So I get to grumble and just fine a midwife who will deliver at McKay Dee. Damn you Utah, and your lack of licensed birthing centers!

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