Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye 1st Trimester

That's right ladies and gents, I've officially made it 13 weeks (as of last Friday).

Positives - I have slightly more energy, my boobs keep growing, I have insanely colorful dreams, I feel nauseated less often, and my chance at a miscarriage goes down to about 2%?

Negatives - I have to use a hair-tie to keep my bottoms on (I only own one pair of maternity shorts), I continue to eat everything in site, sometimes the dreams are not so nice, and I can no longer sleep on my tummy.

At my last appointment (11 weeks) I got another ultrasound, because it was too early to find just the heartbeat. So I have MORE itty bitty baby pictures. If you don't love me enough to bring me fast food, you don't get to see them. I'm mean like that.

(I just haven't gotten around to scanning them, they'll be put up if I ever remember.)

Sophie's newest fascination is with Toy Story. Every single day she asks for Buzz. She's now a whopping 25 lbs. Her imagination amazes me.

Yesterday, she was running all over the apartment looking for her imaginary unicorn. The unicorn is named BoopBoop. She eats chocolate chip pancakes and yogurt. BoopBoop also likes to run away and hide in another room. While this was happening I searched all over for the darn video camera, but I couldn't find it. :(

Sophie also enjoys having tea parties in the shower. She has 3 or 4 cups in there, and often offers demands I drink her tea. She makes us "dinner" at her play kitchen. She uses my tripods as telescopes. The list goes on and on.

My latest project has been starting an art journal. I absoloutly love it.


Mary said...

Yay!!! Good job...let me know if you need any clothes!?

theadventuresoflactatinggirl.com said...

How is it that Dea is only a few pounds lighter than Sophie? Weird!

Also, you should check out Kid to Kid for maternity clothes. I was there today selling stuff and I almost bought a dress because it was so cute!