Monday, July 26, 2010

Breastfeeding for Me

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Becoming a mother is something amazing in itself. For me, breastfeeding made it that much more special.

Denny wasn't very "involved" for the beginning for Sophie's life. He went to work, paid our bills, and made sure that we had what we needed. Dads aren't really programed with that special mom gene, the one that just tells you what to do. Being 17, I didn't really know that. Instead of throwing him into the waters of parenthood, I eventually gave up and took over everything. I now have a lot of respect for single mothers.

Nursing Sophie helped me to feel special. She needed me. Instead of spending my time resenting my husband, I threw myself into the beautiful bond of mother and baby. It was so rewarding to lay there with her nursing, while she smiled up at me. Many days, even now, she is the reason I get out of bed.

Being stamped as "bipolar," some days are harder than others. Throw in that it was the middle of winter, I had just become a mother, and was handling it on my own - the harder days started to grow. Nursing helped me to feel like I had a purpose. I was quite literally provide life for someone else. I gave her the nutrients that my body made specifically for her.

It is impossible to understand the feeling unless you do it yourself. Sitting with your baby in your arms, and having them look up at you with that milky grin, nursing to sleep, or just putting their hand on your chest while you nurse - it's special.

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Natasha said...

I love those moments too--and on the chest or as my daughter like sto do-twirling my hair. I am glad that you found purpose with BFing and managed despite your 'stamp'.

Anonymous said...

I'm not bi-polar, but I am chronically depressed. Curtis has actually told me that he sees an improvement in my depression since Dea was born.

If I were formula feeding, I could just drop her off with her grandparents and go be depressed, but since I'm breastfeeding, I can't really do that. There's no sleeping for 14 hours or laying on the couch drooling like I used to do when I was depressed. Not to say that you can make mental illness go away by becoming a mom, but children give you something to live for and therefore, you live!