Thursday, July 29, 2010

She's Done When SHE'S Done

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When I first started nursing, my goal was to go at least 6 months. From what everyone told me, nursing was difficult, painful even. I never dreamed that stopping would actually be the hardest part of it. That's when most people stop isnt it? 3 to 6 months?

6 months rolled around, and we were nowhere near ready. I "attempted" to stop, ok so not really. I then changed my goal to one year. When they are old enough to ask for it, it's time to stop, right? I mean, what would people think!?!?!

Along came her first birthday, and yet again - we just weren't ready to stop. The silly thing is, I didn't really care what people thought. Once I made up my mind that we would nurse until she was ready to stop, I was completely at ease.

Eventually she only really wanted to nurse when she was tired. Naps, bedtime, and once around 1 to 3 am. Summer rolled around and nursing wasn't even wanted at naps, she would pass out during her stories. Around 17 months I decided that she (and I) were ready to start the weaning process.

At bedtime we would go through our routine - bath, getting dressed and reading books with daddy, then I would come in to rock/nurse her. Instead of nursing I would offer her warm milk with a bit of strawberry nesquick. At first she would take a few sips, then want the good stuff. I would nurse her and try again the next night. There was no reason to stress about it, we were going at her pace.

Soon (too soon) she didn't want to nurse to sleep, but she would still wake up once during the night to nurse. After a while I decided she needed a bit more help at stopping. She seemed content with the one nursing, but my milk seemed to be going. The 18 month mark hit, and we were ready to be off the boob for good.

So late one night she woke up, and was rather put out that I didn't just give her what she was used to. Instead we came out to the couch and I gave her a Popsicle. 45 minutes of sleep lost (not so bad) and one Popsicle later, she was out. The next night we got up for a Popsicle and only lost 30 minutes. I brought her sippy cup into bed and she took that as a substitute. Only 2 nights, and she was fine. :)

Now at 2 1/2 years, she still has her sippy cup sitting on our nightstand. She rarely actually wakes up and asks for it. I like to think that our weaning was nice and gentle. I didn't want it to be something traumatic for her. So we took it at our pace. Poo to anyone who says kids should be cut off at so-and-so age. Each kid is different.

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Tasha said...

your so lucky you were able to nurse so long! I had to cut Mellie off at 7 months because my milk just wasn't enough to keep her full. And only4 months with Katie because she couldn't digest my milk. I hope with the next one we can do it longer. I really loved that time with them!

BoobiesNBabies said...

I think it's pretty cool how smoothly weaning went for you. It's just not that way for us. Thanks for your story.