Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween! :D

I love Halloween. One of the awesome parts about being a "young" parent, is that you still get to do all the fun things. (aka - dress up for Halloween) If you are 25 and walking around trick or treating by yourself, people are probably going to assume you are a child molester. If you are 25, dressed as a banana, and have a kid in tow - its totally acceptable.
Luckily tonight wasn't too chilly. I was able to just stuff two shirts under my costume and stay warm. I stuffed a sweater under Sophie's shirt, then put some sweats on her. Denny is a man, men don't get cold - enough said.
We walked around our neighbor hood, and got some good candy. One o the richie rich people had a projector set up outside, chairs, The Nightmare Before Christmas playing, and was handing out cider and chips. Bless rich people. My hands were freezing until I got me some of that hot cider.
Stuffed animal in the pocket, creepy mustache, cartoon tshirt, ball cap, long coat, and a camera... this can only be one thing... A PEDOPHILE! You gotta hand it to him, the boy is creative. Last year he was a "towelhead," or more politically corect - Terrorist. The year before that he was Hitler.
Mama raised us to do what we want, be ourselfs, express what we think, and who gives a hoot what other people say. :) Love you mom!

The rest of the pictures are here - Halloween Album.


Tasha said...

your costumes turned out great! Jared actually suggested that we do a family theme next year! I didn't suggest it cause I didn't think he'd go for it, I think you inspired him! That family with the cider does that every year, that was my fav house to go to!

Miss Angie said...

All three of you looked so cute! :)