Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wednesday evening we started our long drive down to Arizona. We planned to get it all done overnight, but my mom insisted that we stop in Vegas for the night. THANK YOU MOM! She got us a room at a hotel, and it helped so much. I couldn't imagine having to make that whole drive in one night. My dad was kind enough to give us our Christmas present money early, so that we could make the trip out there. Thanks dad. :)
We arrived Thursday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Here you see Sophie helping Grandma Horton clean up the floor.
Grandma Horton was just awesome. I could definitely live closer to her. She made Sophie these super cute socks. (there were several different colors, but who matches?) I love them, especially since my mom used to make them for me when I was little.
One of my favorite parts of Sun City, is that it's an old people city. All of the old people own golf carts, and feel the need to drive them around like cars. Seriously! They even have "Golf Cart Parking" at the hospital!
Don't believe me? There are two old guys in front of us, on our way to the hospital. When I'm old I want to drive a golf cart everywhere.
Sophie and Grandma Horton eating some fruit.
I made Denny go pose for some pictures before we left Arizona.
Grandma Horton tickling Sophie.
Sophie giving Grandma hugs goodbye.
Sophie giving Grandpa a high5. I'm really glad we got out to see them. Grandpa looked so much better after seeing Sophie. That was actually the first time they've met. Grandma met Sophie back when she was about a month old.
Sophie thought their lawn was awesome! With living in a desert, you can't really waste water on grass - so everyone just has rocks. Sophie loves rocks, and she thought it was amazing that Grandma's yard was filled with them! :)
Before we left Vegas on Monday morning, we decided to walk around the Luxor and Excalibur. Sophie got a big lollipop and I got me a cute new bag. (I'm a bag addict) While we went through Vegas, I notice how slutty the city has become. My family went there a few times when I was younger, and it was MUCH more family friendly back then.
Now everything is 'nude' this, and 'topless' that. Stupid Vegas. There were giant signs like these EVERYWHERE! I'm fairly convinced the blond is a guy.

ANYWAYS! Hopefully we can make it back down to see Grandma and Grandpa Horton for the holidays. If so... I definitely want to fly. I don't think I'll want to ride in another car for at least a year.

Here are the rest of the pictures from our Arizona Trip Album.
Here are the videos from the trip on our Youtube Channel. (they are the 4 new ones)

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Tasha said...

it's always so fun to see family you never get to see! I can't wait to come back out to Utah! I'm glad you guys had a good visit and got back safe.