Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 Years

Three years ago, I agreed to be Denny's girlfriend.... boy was I insane! :) 7 Months later we were married. Nuts? Perhaps, but we were crazy about each other. Naturally, life was hard at first. Being married at all is hard, but then being young, and having a child just makes it all the worse.
However, we prevailed. We've made it through very hard trials both on our own, and together. We have a more mature relationship than some 40 or 50 year old people. We never argue, we never yell, we never fight. Sure we get ticked off at each other, but we actually TALK about it. We discuss problems, and work through them. (my old therapists would we so proud)
I knew life wouldn't be easy. I knew we wouldn't have oodles of money. I knew this would be difficult as all hell... and yet, I wanted it. We may not have loads of fancy things, but we are happy. We live within our means, and some how have a little extra left over. We are blessed. :)
The reason I even considered being with Denny forever - he matched my list. I've had a little pink piece of paper since about 7th or 8th grade. From each relationship, I took at least one good quality and wrote it on the paper. Whoever I married HAD to meet each requirement. A few people could meet 4 or 5, but no one ever got close. I'll have to see if I can hunt down that list and post it on here later today.
I love you with ever bit of my self. I love you so much it's retarded. :) You irritate me beyond belief. You make me smile. You are stubborn as hell. You go without, so we can have. You annoy me for sport. You make me relax when I'm going to snap. You get angry at stupid things. You let me be angry at stupid things. You take the covers. You sacrifice the bed so Sophie and I have room. You complain. You provide for us. You make me wonder why on earth I put up with you. You remind me each and every day just how much I love you. You hoard your dirty socks by your computer. You don't nag me when I haven't cleaned for the day. You snore. You are you, and you are amazing. Don't you ever forget that.

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Tasha said...

isn't is great just being completly in love? I totally loved your pics, so creative!