Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our 1st FHE

For our very first Family Home Evening, I decided we needed to do something fun. Denny brought home some little pumpkins a few weeks back, and they've just sat on my craft table. They needed some pizazz, so we decided to paint them! :)
Can you guess who painted which? Denny's is the only one with any kind of order to it. I was going to make mine all polka dotted... but Sophie decided I needed help painting mine. She went ahead and dumped half of the yellow on my pumpkin, so we decided to make it abstract!
Men... Denny used tools to paint his pumpkin. Why work around the paint, when you got pliers?!?! Also, excuse his shirtless state. He doesn't believe he has to wear clothes in his home.
Sophie had a blast with it. She just loved that I would actually let her into my paints. Yay for FHE!

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Tasha said...

so fun! I've started letting the kids use my acrylics if they aren't wearing clothes and they're over tile. They're willing to comply if it means they get to paint! Jared's also one of those clothes-less people. That's why you never see him in any of the pics or videos!