Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The List!

I almost drove myself mad looking for the stupid list, but I found it! It was jammed into one of my scrapbooking containers. So here you are:
  • Holds my hand anywhere - CHECK
  • Looks at me & stares - CHECK
  • Treats me like a queen - CHECK
  • Is always there for me - CHECK
  • Talks to me, but actually listens too - CHECK
  • Kisses & holds me - CHECK
  • Makes me laugh - CHECK
  • Gives me butterflies - CHECK
  • Plays games with me, and intentionally lost so I can win - CHECK
  • Dances with me in public
  • Tickles me - CHECK
  • Watches me sleep (weird I know) - CHECK
  • Acts all manly, but isn't a jerk - CHECK
  • Shows emotion - CHECK
  • Only needs ME - CHECK
  • Determined to get me - CHECK
  • Excited to show me off - CHECK
  • Honest & Trustworthy - CHECK
  • Sings to me, even if he can't sing - CHECK
  • Brings me home to meet him mom - CHECK
  • Hold me when I cry - CHECK
  • Trusts me - CHECK
  • Respects me - CHECK
  • Loves me with all their heart - CHECK
  • "Argues" with me and teases me - CHECK
At the bottom of the list Isaak wrote in "Denny - Wins! He kicked all their asses, he's marrying me."

Can you believe that Denny has NEVER danced with me? Insane right? NOT EVEN AT OUR LITTLE SHOTGUN WEDDING! *harrumph* I told him that he has to dance with me at our "2nd wedding." I get to have a real one in a few years, and by God there will be dancing!

Until then I guess I can't be married to him anymore... being as he doesn't meet my list anymore. :) ... nah, I guess I'll give him a freebie.

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