Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster Pops

We made these awesome monster pops for family home evening. It started as a family thing, then turned into a mommy and daddy thing, then turned into mommy thing. It's all good though, Denny and Sophie had fun making a mess of my living room.

So if you are awesome (and live in this state) you'll probably get a few. :)

Wanna make some? Go here --> Monster Pops!


Tasha said...

Those turned out supper cute! Where did you get your melting candy?You're so good at doing the FHE thing! I keep trying, but I sorta die off here and there. It's tough because Jared gets home two hours before the kids go to bed!

Lexi said...

bummer. move it to the weekends? I actually just had a giant bag of those tiny multicolor mints, I got them from a candy store like a year ago. :P

Mary said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the yummy Monster Pops!!! They were sooooo good!