Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Fun Park

I hate, no... I DESPISE the winter. I like sun, warm, swimming, shorts, all that jazz. With winter, often comes seasonal depression. Since I'm stuck in the stinkin apartment all day on top of the cold weather, my mood just spirals downward. Friday was the first day in weeks that I had the car, and I took advantage of it. To top it off, it was really nice weather outside. Score!Sophie and I went to hang out with my friend Mariza. (we've been friends since we were little girls, and our mothers have been friends since they were little girls) We all decided to hit up a super fun park. Mariza and her hubby David, loaded their two kids in the car, and we followed them to the park.
Hopefully we can keep the bff trend going through to our girls. They get along pretty well for toddlers, its super cute. They know each others names, they share (most of the time), they hug, and they hold hands. I just love it.
Plus they have super hot moms. :)
We had loads of fun, like we always do when we see Mariza and Jayden. I wish we lived closer to eachother, it's a pain in the butt to drive clear out to North Ogden.

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