Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So Long Boobies

After months of defeat, Sophie is finally taking to the weaning process. Denny loves milk, he drinks it like his life depends on it; I on the other hand, am slightly lactose intolerant. If I drink straight milk, my body will kick my ass. Sadly, Sophie did not get daddy's genes. She absolutely refused to drink milk, until yesterday. I tried everything to get her to drink it, and finally found something that works.

It has to be warmed, with strawberry nesquik, and in a little olive garden cup... strange, but I'll take it!

Bedtime rolled around yesterday, and I prepared a cup of milk. After Denny finished reading books with Sophie, it was my turn. I braced myself for all the fury of the world to escape Sophie when I gave her a cup instead of the boob. To my surprised delight, she took the milk! The little monster actually drank cows milk and didn't scream at me once.

Naptime today was also just as easy. I read her books and she sipped on her milk. Once she had enough she burrowed her head in between my boob and my arm, then passed out... without a binky!

Hopefully all continues to go this well. Thank god for nesquik.

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Tasha said...

even got the no binky in there! Score!