Friday, June 19, 2009

I Finished A Diaper! :D

Beautiful isn't it? I have oodles that haven't been completely finished, but this one is :) The above picture is the outer (left) and inner (right) fabric of the diaper. It is made of flannel so its super soft.
My model was not happy that she had to stay still for a picture. Denny was trying to hold her up for me, but she instantly fell to the ground to wallow in her misery. (she was a pain in the butt all day)
Even though it isn't perfect, I am rather proud of my little creation. Maybe I'll finish the lot of them sometime before she is out of diapers. :P


Tasha said...

That turned out so stinkin cute! Was the elastic hard to do? Have you had her wear it yet? I really want to try these, but the more that I think about it I'm just intimidated by the whole idea of cloth diapers! I know I'm a baby!

Lexi said...

I know, I LOVE IT! I finished another one this morning with little girly stars all over it. The elastic was tricky at first, because I had no idea what I was doing with it :P But after one or two, I was an elastic sewing pro.
They scared me at first too, but I decided it would give me something to do, and they really are pretty easy. Just time consuming if you do it like me (I got a batch of 25 going)
I put her in it just to take the picture, the only problem I had was getting it tight enough. I was afraid I would poke her with the pin. I may try some with velco after this.
And for the soakers I'm going to by a box of 24 microfiber towels at sams club. They are super absorbent and hella cheaper than the ones cloth diaper companies make. Its only $15 for the big box.

Mary said...

So how do you clean them!? I mean with a messy diaper? I am totally interested but not sure how the fully work!