Saturday, June 6, 2009

Air Show

Today we went to the Air Show on base with my family. Silly me, I didn't expect every person within a 50 mile radius to be there... I was wrong. While the show was free, the food was insanely priced. We spend $40. Stupid overpriced food.
Sophie thought the planes were pretty cool. She would point to them and say "wow" - when she wasn't throwing my food everywhere that is.
Can you tell Denny just loves being outside?
We found an inflatable man walking about. I HAD to get a picture.
After dinner, we decided it was a good time to go swimming. The Clearfield Aquatic Center finally opened the outdoor area. It was too damn cold to play out there though. :(
I love her little swim suit. :)

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Mary said...

I totally agree I LOVE her swimsuit...I said the same thing when I saw her first picture...and look she's getting HAIR!! hehe just like toby!