Monday, June 29, 2009

Low Down On Cloth

So after finishing a dozen or so diapers, I decided to try them out. I must say that I am a fan. First off, I am not a crazy hippie eco nut. My choice to cloth diaper was not to save the environment. While I won't go punch a baby tree for kicks, I don't really go out of my way to save the earth. I do things because I am my mothers child, she taught me never pay for anything I can find cheaper, or do myself.
We went through 4 diapers today, from this morning until bath time at 7:30. I only put a cover on her when we went out and about. Even without the covers, none of the diapers leaked. Success!
Here is the first diaper cover I made, obviously not perfect, but functional. Plus it was made from an old blanket. :) Yay for saving money! Anyways, on to the diapering plan.
I pre-stuff all the diapers with microfiber towels, and stack them under her changing table. Right before I put them on, I plop in a piece of scrap fabric. (this acts as a liner for poo, that way I don't have to wash poo off the diapers) After pinning on a few diapers, I have only stabbed myself once. Wahoo!
Once its time for the diaper to come off, I pull out the microfiber towel, and toss everything into a garbage can. Our 'diaper pail' is sitting in our bathroom closet. Once I run out of diapers I'll get to washing them, hopefully I'll make enough that I only have to do diapers once or twice a week. Since I don't throw poo in with the diapers, smell shouldn't be a big problem.

(for washing you use 1/4 the amount of detergent reccomended, and no fabric softener. wash on hot, and sun dry, or toss in the dryer.)

I find these to be rather nice. So if anyone can sew, and would like to knew the patterns, hit me up. Or if you would like to buy some, I could sew some up a few for ya. :) If I like you that is. :P


Tasha said...

Alexis those turned out so freakin cute! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing your info I think I may be ready to try these. I just didn't want to make a bunch and then decide that I hated them. So looking forward to this!

Mary said...

Me 2! I am now thinking this is something I can totally do!