Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bestest Daddy

This may come as a shock to you, but my darling husband was not ready for a child. Crazy right? You would think every 19 year old guy wants a screaming blob of his own. Wrong. I, on the other hand, wasn't too worried about it. I had taken classes on everything from child development, to child psychology, to taking care of kids in a daycare.

After 9 months of cursing Denny for getting me pregnant (which caused me to throw up anything I dared to eat, and blow up into a hippo) our little girl was born. Postpartum hit me, and it hit me hard. However, it was a different kind of postpartum. I wasn't like those crazy ladies in the movies that want to throw their kid out the window, my hate went toward the poor man that got me pregnant in the first place.

(there is a reason for all of this babbling, be patient)

I only got more angry with him, when I came to realize that I was expected to do everything by myself. I raised my child on my own. I fed her, I changed her, I put her to sleep, I woke up every single night and rocked her for hours on end (while daddy slept soundly), I handled the colic, I went days on just a few hours of sleep, I played with her, and I did it all the while, never once getting upset with Sophie. This lasted about a year and a half.

Don't get me wrong, Denny wasn't the devil. He just wasn't ready to be a father, and didn't feel like I needed any help. About a week or so ago, he has decided to throw himself entirely into caring for our daughter. I know, I didn't believe it either. To my delighted surprise, he is doing wonderful. He changes her, he plays with her, every night I hand Sophie off to him once she finishes her bath, he gets her dressed then reads bedtime books, he is a wonderful daddy when he tries.

I just wanted to share my joy with everyone. Too many fathers don't take an active interest in their children, and that makes me sad. Thankfully my hubs has jumped on board. :P Here is evidence of the above. Denny has a bad back and bad knees to begin with, but he chugged right through it to make is daughter squeal with delight.

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Tasha said...

Jared was the exact same way! Daddy's just need some time to warm up! Those are some of my most perfect moments, just sitting back and watching Jared play with his girls. Nothing can replace the bond between a daddy and his little girl!