Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Must Be Crazy

Sophie's sleep has been all kinds of messed up since we got home from my mom's. Stupid daylight savings time. I FINALLY got her to sleep at 9 pm about 5 days ago. It worked for two days, then on the third we got home late, and all that work was thrown out the window. Now she is back to staying up until around 11 and it is horrible. The past three days I have been so stressed at the end of the day that I just start crying and give up all together.

Last night she gave me a bit of a break. Once I finally got her to sleep around 11:00, I went to sleep. She generally wakes up 2 or 3 times a night. It rolled around to 5:00 am, and I got worried because she hadn't woken up yet. (plus she fell off the bed before we went to sleep and landed on her head, so I was worried to begin with) So I had to make sure she was still breathing, then went back to bed myself. She only woke up once all night, and it was delightful.

Sometimes I just think I'm completely nuts to want another kid. Especially since once I have another kid, I will be outnumbered. Hopefully next year life with be just that much easier. Then we can start playing with the idea of baby number two.

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