Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

(sorry if you are getting this email twice, I accidentally posted it before I even typed anything)

Sophie was always a mommy's girl. From the day she was born, she would choose me over anyone, even daddy. The tables have turned! Now that she is stuck with me all day every day, she gets super excited whenever any of the men come home. I guess I'm boring. :)

She will squirm out of my arms just to walk over, pull on Denny's pants, and say "up up up." I love it, do you know why? Finally after almost 15 months of NEVER having 5 minutes to myself, I can actually relax. She will sit with Denny and not scream for me to get her. Pure bliss.

In these pictures, Denny sat on our window seat to eat some peanuts. Sophie made her way up on his lap and decided she wanted some too. It is the cutest thing watching them together.

Just the other night Denny stripped Sophie down, to get ready for her bath. I was cleaning the bathroom and getting the water going. The next thing I hear is a loud squeal and giggles. Sophie went running by the bathroom door in just her diaper, followed by Denny on all fours growling after her. I love my dorks. :)

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