Friday, March 13, 2009


Nearly 2 and a half years ago I met Denny. He took me to his house, I saw Daisy, and fell in love. I told him that one day she would be mine. The day has come! :) Denny's mother gave us little Daisy, and Sophie loves her to pieces. She has a very sweet and loving personality. Denny doesn't exactly "love" her, but nothing would have kept me from taking her. :P So he puts up with her. The best part, she will forever be this tiny!

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talyzman said...

Hmmmmm yes she is sooooooo darn cute and I think some day she will be mine :p. Isaak luv of my life, I miss U soooooo very much, I see U like Daisy as welk, hey do U think Oreo can make a puppy to Daisy? ask Oreo if he likes her then U can marry them so they can make a puppy for ME :0)