Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Hate Smokers

We actually have the above image on a shirt. It was Denny's but I think I'll make it into a maternity shirt for myself. As a not so subtle reminder to the world, that smoking is stupid.

We live in an apartment complex, so we don't get any say in who our neighbors are. Luckily we got a nice old man that lives above us, he rarely makes noise, and never complained when Sophie would be screaming at 3 am because she was sick. The ones next to us aren't half bad either, I rarely ever see them.

The ones across from us, I cannot stand. Aside from the fact that they are total white trash (not even kidding), they are chain smokers. The woman is constantly screaming at her 4 small children. Ok, kids get into things, but all day long? Take them to the park or something, jeeze.

It is now 2 in the afternoon, and they have gone out 6 times to smoke since I've been up (10 am). Whenever one goes out to smoke, everyone else does. I get 1 to 5 people smoking right outside my window, 10+ times a day. This is just ridiculous.

All last year I simply kept my window shut, because someone was ALWAYS out there smoking. Now that I'm pregnant again, I refuse to have to smell their nasty ass smoke. I informed the office lady that they were a problem yesterday, she said she'd give them a notice. They were so kind as to wait until 8 pm to go out and start polluting the air. Then the 6 times today, so I called again. "I'll give them another notice," is the answer I got.

Apparently her notices aren't all to scary, because they were a whopping 5 feet from my window about 20 minutes ago. So I'm sending in the angry husband. Denny gets a strange twisted happiness from threatening our office people. Whether they over charge us on rent, take weeks to get something fixed, or simply never answer the phone, he enjoys being the one to make sure they get shit done.

So I'll give the lady another day, then I'm calling the health department and reporting them all. The kicker? There are signs on EVERY building saying you have to be at least 25 feet away to smoke.

I cannot wait until we can get a house that is far, far away from anyone else.


talyzman said...

read this, it might help you.

make sure you tell them you are with child and a toddler too.

talyzman said...

Miss Angie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry darlin', you should NOT have to put up with that!

Shay said...

From what I understand, if it's written in the agreement for rent, local police can actually enforce the law as well, you might think about simply calling them about it.

Phreggs said...

It's not in the lease, but its under the Utah Clean Air Act for the changes made to the "Openwindow" bit.

Management see's it as a nuisance since they would smoke right outside our window and are willing to enforce the 25ft rule under the Clean Air Act. It's just a matter now to actually get them to do so.

If worse comes to worst we'll contact the Weber Health Department and get them out to enforce things.

Clarice Fullington said...

That photo made a statement. It's so true that smoking kills. Smokers and even non-smokers can both be endangered by diseases caused by smoking. So sad to know how smoking kills lives. =( I wish we could do something about this.