Friday, May 7, 2010

Diapers, Diapers, and MORE DIAPERS

*there will be MUCH diaper speak in this post, I've added links so that you can see what they are since I don't feel like explaining*

About 2 weeks back I started cutting out fabric for some newborn diapers... little did I know I would actually get to use them! :) I've made a dozen little fitteds with lay in soakers. They are so itty bitty, I love them!

Yesterday I started pounding out a list of the stuff we would need (and/or want) for stinker #2. The list consist of several things:

1 - Diapers NEEDED for newborn $116
2 dozen infant prefolds $36
3 newborn covers 1, 2, 3. $36
3 night time diapers $ 38
2 snappis $6

2 - Diapers WANTED for newborn $184
2 dozen regular prefolds $36
3 small covers
4 kissaluv fitteds $52
4 all-in-one diapers $60

3 - Eventually needed $96 NOT including the last 3
2 med covers $25
2 one size night diapers $ 40
wetbag $21
boob cream $10
baby leg warmers
car seat

4 - Simply want $138
2 one size covers $26
one size diaper cover $14
3 doublers $12
diaper sprayer $45
detergent $15
2 boosters $6
4 sets boob pads $20

Life would be awesome of we had $400+ to spend on baby things, it would be awesome if we had half that much to spend on baby things. But alas, we don't have money to throw around. Plus I don't think I could make myself spend that much, I have too much of my parents in me. :P

I'll probably end up making the majority, if not ALL our diapers. In that case I'll only spend 100 or 200 on fabrics. I suppose I'll just drool over everything for the next 8months. :D Stinkin expensive diapers.

I'm hoping we have another girl, that way I can justify spending. "Well we already have all the clothes we should need, and a crib, and a tub, and so on. So I can spend it all on diapers!"

I'll post my awesome diapers later today so you can all see them.


Tasha said...

You should check out the breast pads I used, they're called lily pads. They are FANTASTIC! My kids were really inconsistent eaters so I was constantly getting too full and leaking. These stop that because they apply consistent pressure to prevent let down b adhering directly to your breast. Bonus is they're totally reusable. I bought them when I first had Katie and they're still in good shape for the next one.

talyzman said...

wow... babies do cost alot of $$$$
papa told me that he did dream of you been pregg and that you'll be having a baby BOY!!!! Score!!! :-)

Lexi said...