Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom > Your Mom

My mom is the bees knees. She is so much better than any of your moms. Why? Because she's awesome.

When I was little my mom always sewed dresses for me. She was as crafty as could be. She made pillowcases, pajamas, each and every one of our Halloween costumes, and endless decorations. She inspired my love for all things crafty.
No matter what I wanted to try, she encouraged and supported me. In elementary I bounced around from basketball, to soccer, to chearleading, to piano lessons, and so on. At every single event, she was there to watch me.

If I was ever made fun of or picked on, she was there to remind me that they were just jealous. She loved me completely.

In middle school, all of my friends adored her. She would often shuttle us to football games, movies, sleepovers, and never complained.
When she did snap, she didn't try to defend herself. (even though she very well could have) She let all of her kids hate her for getting divorced, and never tried to put the blame on our dad. They are one of the most functional divorced couples ever.

Favorite memories:

For my 12th birthday party, my mom kidnapped me and my friends around midnight. We got several bags of toilet paper from Smiths, and drove to toilet paper my "boyfriends" house. That was the funnest thing in the world.

When we lived in Texas, she took me to our ward's mother/daughter camp out. And taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.

When I wanted to color my hair bright red, she went right out and got coloring. I looked like the little mermaid. She always let me color my hair whatever weird color I wanted.

The day we FINALLY got my dad to buy us a trampoline, she informed us that she was going to go out there at night and jump on it naked.

Whenever we went out to dinner as a family, we were always laughing and making fun of random people we saw.

At Sam's Club she started a spit ball fight with me and my cousin. We ran up and down the aisles with our straws.

She was my girl scout troop leader.

She was my girls camp director. The years she went, were by far my favorite.

When I was about 5, my grandpa was sleeping on our couch. She filled his hand with shaving cream, while I sat on the floor, then tickled his nose. Funniest thing in the world when you are 5 years old. Papa was pissed. :P

When I was in 8th grade, I had two boys who wanted to be my boyfriend. I asked her which one to choose, and she said both. It totally worked.

When I was suspended from school, she didn't try to make me feel like crap.

She would drive to pick up my friend that had stuck out so that we could all hang out before I moved.

She shuttled all of my friends on home coming night to dinner, pictures, the dance, the back to our hotel. Then dropped them all off when I bawled my eyes out at each house.

She was trying to strip the color out of my hair one night, and didn't realize it stripped ALL color. When she was washing it out, all she said was "crap." I was the color of winnie the pooh for the day.

When I bought home "alternative" friends, she treated them just like all the other ones.

I got married with no intention to invite her, but she drove the 12 hrs and showed up anyways.

She flew Sophie and me out to Tahoe, just so she could meet her newest granddaughter.

I love you, mom.


talyzman said...

I got to work and the first thing I did was to open my email to see the photos that I taught you posted from Sophie for mother’s day but for my surprise was a much better thing that I found… I told the girls at work that you send me a poem and all wanted for me to read it out loud since they had seen and heard everything else you have send me and posted.
I started to read then I did realize that it was about our memories; I got tears on my eyes and the girls drool over what I was reading.
Thank you so very much for your love, when I read all your words I got so happy and my heart got full of love and mix emotions, I wasn’t trying to really make such good memories for you or your brothers, I was just been a “mom” trying to make all of you happy and safe, giving all of my to all of you and hoping some day all of you turn to be good persons, good parents because of my example.
Thank you for appreciating all of what I did, hopefully I did teach you right and now it’s your turn to build up beautiful memories for your children.
I love you so very much and I am so proud of you becoming a warrior same as your brothers, I am so grateful to God for giving me a beautiful daughter like you and 2 sons that no matter what, with all my wrong doings and bad decisions they do love me and respect me, and they have keep all the good memories in their minds and hearts.
Thanks to God for allowing me to be your mom!
I love you pumpkin so very much and I do pray that you build and make so many wonderful memories for your family

talyzman said...

For my 12th birthday party, my mom kidnapped me and my friends around midnight. We got several bags of toilet paper from Smiths, and drove to toilet paper my "boyfriends" house. That was the funnest thing in the world.

As i was reading this I do remember something else we did for your 12th b-day maybe you just forgot but do you remember i did take you and all the girls to a pajamas breakfast morning at Ihop :-P do you remember that?

Lexi said...

yup i remember :) i also remember that holly and emily wouldn't get out of the van to help TP the house :P